Early Onset Dementia – My Story

I knew there was something wrong with my brain and had a brain scan. I was told that there were signs of early degeneration and to be honest it was no surprise.


Unfortunately I haven’t kept track of exactly when this all started but I think it was a couple of years ago. I knew there was something wrong with my brain and had a brain scan. I was told that there were signs of early degeneration and to be honest it was no surprise.

My father died from the effects of Alzheimer’s disease so I was able to spot some problems with the way I was handling various tasks and I knew that it was likely that I had something similar.

Some weeks back I decided to keep track of what is happening to me. Initially it was just for my own benefit but today I decided to create a blog in the hope that it may help others suffering from a similar disorder.

So firstly a little about me.

I was born in England in 1960. My family moved to Australia in 1966, returned to England for three years and then came back to Australia permanently in 1972.

I married in 1981 and became a computer programmer.

In 1997 my wife and I got fed up with the 9 to 5 grind and took off on a working holiday of Australia. We intended to be gone for about a year but 11 years later we were still on the road.

In 2010 our circumstances changed and we had to return to suburbia and settle down.

I currently run a number of websites and other resources in the internet and am in a battle against time to complete a upgrade to my main website.

I started writing about my condition on December 29th 2016 and the posts that follow will track what happens to me until I am no longer able to write.



5 thoughts on “Early Onset Dementia – My Story”

  1. I have not been diagnosed…it has been a horror show trying to get doctors to take me seriously…but now I have enough evidence piled around the house…and I missed a week of teaching due to confusion, so now they seem to be listening.

    It’s horribly lonely for me because most people don’t want to talk about this…I’m supposed to wait until I get an official diagnosis; in the meantime, all the threads of my life are coming apart.

    Anyway, I plan to follow your adventures. If I remember to do it.

    Best of luck to you.



    1. Hi Jane, Sorry for the late reply but I was away for a while. I think if you can get a diagnosis, at least that will be something solid to start to work with. In my case I knew what was wrong before going to get a brain scan so it wasn’t a huge shock. As long as I am on here I will be happy to talk to you, I think only those who suffer from this condition really understand what it is like to live with it. Even doctors who may know the technical side, don’t experience the everyday hassles of just trying to get by. Anyway, I hope some of what I write may be of some assistance.
      Kind Regards,

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      1. Hi Marc: What a tremendous feeling, hearing from somebody with a similar experience! I am a technical writer, and I have also done some website development over the years…so blogging seemed like the easiest way for me to start a record of my experiences. It has been so frustrating, trying to find content written BY people with dementia, rather than ABOUT people with dementia…My best to you and your wife…please consider me a family friend!

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