March 8th 2017

Although I don’t call myself an ‘author’, as most of what I write has never been officially published, I am a prolific writer.

I have written a number of books and I maintain websites that involve a lot of writing.

One aspect of this that I used to enjoy a great deal was writing bush ballads. I have quite a collection. (For anyone who is interested you can see some at :

I am not sure if my condition has anything to do with my lack of motivation but I have noticed that I have gradually stopped writing ballads.

At one time inspiration would come from nowhere and in a few minutes a complete piece of work would develop.

I used to joke that I was ‘channeling’ Henry Lawson.

I am yet to experience the panic of not knowing where I am, or not recognising someone I know and love. I know that will probably happen eventually as I can feel this ‘thing’ getting a firmer grip on me week by week.

There are times when thinking feels like wading through a pool of molasses.

Any kind of stress completely freaks me out. My mind just shuts down and will not work.

I’m not afraid of what is happening but I am very FRUSTRATED!


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