Not a ‘Dear Diary’

It isn’t my intention to turn this blog into some sort of daily or weekly diary, I have way too much to do to even contemplate doing that.

What I intend is to make notes here when I feel something has either changed with my condition or I have something specific to say about it.

I keep myself pretty well occupied as you will see for the list of online resources I am currently responsible for.

Some, like the Malaysian Cooking site, have started to drop away as I don’t have enough time to devote to them but there is just so much to get done and only me to do it.

Western Australia Now and Then :
Belle’s Veggie Garden :
Bush Ballads and Bulldust :
Let’s Eat Malaysian :
Belle’s Beauty Blog :
Dorothy Loader Watercolour Portraits :
Rosabelle. Colour Pencil Artist :

Our Twitter page :

Facebook Pages
Camping in Western Australia :
Western Australia Now and then :
Abandoned Western Australia :
West Australian Folklore :

YouTube videos :

WA Now and Then page :

wanowandthen :

Other Stuff
Panoramio page :
Flickr page :
Aussie Bush Ballads :


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