There are times when I feel very stressed without having any reason to do so.

Noise more than anything else contributes to the stress. I seek peace and quiet whenever I can find it, which is rare.

As I become more dependent on others, I am losing my ability to just be alone for a while.

I can go nowhere without someone taking me there and while it is nice to have people who care about me enough to want to do that, I miss just being able to go somewhere and do something ON MY OWN.

I have next to no personal space and more and more I am treated as an invalid. Yes I know I manage to damage myself, stick knives into my hand when cutting food, spill hot oil on myself and do all sorts of stupid clumsy things but I still have a need to try and do what I can.

There are days when I just want to shut myself off from everyone, to just be without having to respond to others needs. It isn’t everyday, it isn’t even often, but there are days, like today, when I would just like to be left alone…..


One thought on “Stress…”

  1. I think as someone who was trying to help we overcompensate at first, not sure how much to do for the one in need. Over time your loved ones will settle into a routine that will give you the help you need, but allow you to still be you. Threes nothing stupid about your actions or feelings, remember that.

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