Am I driving people away?

I have had a particularly bad couple of days with losing items that led to me losing my temper.

First of all I lost a phone, not the cheap phone of course, it had to be the expensive one. I ‘knew’ exactly where I had put it but when I went to get it, it was gone….

I then turned the house upside down trying to find it but the location it is hiding in still remains a complete mystery.

I don’t think I am at the point where I am putting things in silly places, like the fridge or the oven but I have looked in all the logical places and well, it just isn’t there. It will be interesting to see where it is when it does turn up (if it does).

Next I lost a spark plug that I needed to service the generator. I picked up two plugs, one was the one I needed and one was from an older generator. Guess which one was still there when it came time to do the job?

Eventually I found the one I wanted, I had wandered off outside and put it down on the patio table and instantly forgot where it was.

Then I lost the key to the angle grinder and was unable to do the job I had planned. I had even bought new grinder discs and had everything ready to go but without the grinder key I was stuffed.

That is when I lost my temper.

The frustration just got the better of me but the big worry is, as this condition gets worse, will I end up driving away the people who care about me? I know that there are limits to everyone’s tolerance.


5 thoughts on “Am I driving people away?”

    1. This feels so familiar…Offspring and BF seem to understand that my emotional outbursts are part of who I am now…I make sure to take responsibility once I’m myself again.

      This won’t help you find your lost phone, but maybe for the future…I have an iPhone and at least twice a week, I use my computer to login to iCloud, so I can “find my phone.” It will play a loud noise, whether my phone is set to silent or not. Without that, I’d have lost my phone for good a long time ago. And I really like my phone. It’s my brain.

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      1. It is shocking how little control I have over my emotions sometimes. I had a doctor appointment recently that was kinda unpleasant…and I just cried & cried, like a little child.


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