Is there a point to life?

The more I see of what is going on in the world the more I wonder what the point of all of it is.

Perhaps if you believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden, heaven and hell etc. then maybe that gives you some hope. False hope, but hope never-the-less.

I see the world for what it is, harsh, unforgiving and cruel.

My own species is controlled by people who are insanely hungry for money and power. They crave it at the expense of everything and everyone else.

There is enough money and resources for everyone in the world to have a reasonably comfortable existence but because some people have to grab more and more for themselves, even though they have no real need for it, people all over the world have horrendous miserable lives.

My own life is rendered pointless by the condition I have. There is no hope of spending my twilight years in quiet contemplation. Yet I see people who are perfectly healthy who give up on life and remove themselves from it.

I am starting to think that they are the only sane ones and the rest of us are mad.

Ultimately I see life as utterly without point. Everything you know, everyone you know, everything you own will all vanish with the sands of time.

Happiness is merely a phantom, an illusion, a wisp that slips through your fingers.

The best thing I can hope for now is a quick demise that is relatively painless. Knowing my luck, I won’t get it.


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