“What a difference a day makes” but in my case what a difference a couple of weeks make…..

In the past two weeks my life has been turned upside down. A family catastrophe (please don’t ask about the details) has caused more pain, heartache and stress than I have ever suffered before in my life and it has taken a huge toll on my ability to think and concentrate. It feels as though the problems I am having with my brain have accelerated.

At one point I just needed to get away from everything and I just walked off. I kept on going, trying not to think about how my life was disintegrating, just putting one foot in front of the other. On and on for hours.

Eventually I was missed and I was reported as a missing person. I was not only missing physically, I was missing mentally and emotionally.

When the police eventually found me, they said I had walked 20 kilometers away from town. It was a warmish day and I had no water and no hat.

When they found me I was just sitting under a bush out of the sun and I was exhausted and dehydrated.

Since then things have just got worse and worse. It seems as though I am in a nightmare that I cannot wake up from.

What happens from here? I have no idea. I just have to live life the same way I walked off, one foot in front of the other, trying hard not to think about the things that are trying to drag me down….