One of the latest signs of trouble is my grammar.

I have never been what they call a ‘grammar Nazi’ but I do like to try and get most things right. That is now changing and I am making errors, that on re-reading (or listening to audio on the video I record) just make me cringe with embarrassment.

I even noticed at least one mistake in the first blog entry I made on this site.

I don’t think I am ever going to apply for a job as a proof reader now!

On another topic, I have been trying to find out more information about this condition but have (so-far) been rather frustrated at the lack of information for sufferers.

I have tried libraries and searching online but all the support out there and all the information is for carers. I know I have moaned about this before but today I had a ‘light bulb’ moment.

What about Facebook?

Well I looked and yes there are some groups out there. I have applied to join but time will tell whether they turn out to be what I have been looking for.