Waiting For Things To Happen

I always seem to be waiting for something to get sorted out so that I can get on with what I want to do before my time runs out.

One of the main items on my ‘bucket list’ is to visit and film as many towns in Western Australia as I can.

To that end we bought an old converted Toyota Coaster bus so that we can travel around the state. Since we have had it, the rotten thing has broken down several times and the repair bills (including a re-built engine) have been astronomical!

We are waiting, yet again, to hear back from the mechanics and find out what the latest expense is going to be. The trouble is, they NEVER seem to get back to us.

We chase them on the phone and harass them by email but it does no good. They just take their own sweet time and meanwhile I sit and fume about all the time being wasted. The trouble is, they seem to be good mechanics and everyone else I have tried has been a waste of space, so I have no choice.

We have perfect weather right now but winter is approaching so I want to be on the road. Argh! it is just so frustrating. I can feel the clock ticking and I just want to get on with things but there always seems to be someone holding me back.